5 Reasons Why GIRLS Season 3 Might be the Best Yet

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1. A NEW CHAPTER FOR JESSA: Season 3 opens to reveal that Jessa is not exactly the most popular among her new rehab crowd—that’s right, rehab. In a group session, she doesn’t hold back—“I mean, look at Mindy. She wears scrunchies. Why has no one addressed this?” (In Jessa’s defense, valid question.)

2. HOMEMAKER HANNAH?: Hannah is back this season with a purpose and togetherness we can’t wait to see develop. Her publisher is thrilled with her e-book (lawsuit no more!), her relationship with Adam is strong, and her all-too-frequent existential crises of seasons past look to have stayed just there. Most importantly, though we were conflicted last season as we watched her shape her hair into something that bore a striking resemblance to a bowl cut, Season 3 proves there’s nothing to fear—the pixie cut is flawless.

3. ADAM’S EX SHOWDOWN: Adam finds himself in the middle of a surprise confrontation by his ex, Natalia, and her feisty blonde sidekick at Cafe Grumpy. There are a number of expletives we’ve never heard before (but will definitely be adopting),  along with history’s shortest lived public pregnancy scare.

4. SHOSH TELLS IT LIKE IT IS: Shoshanna’s candor has us falling in love with her again and again. Our favorite foot-in-mouth moment? Shosh backhandedly complimenting Adam in the woods—he’s such a great boyfriend that he, like, doesn’t have a job or a productive role in society, freeing him up to stay home and help Hannah with all her many problems!

5. THE KICKER: The GIRLS are all back in their rightful place together. While crammed in a rental car en route to rescue Jessa from rehab, Hannah deems them the “models of female friendship.” And in his glum response, Adam gives us what we hope is a teaser for the rest of the season: “I don’t want to know what female friendship is if it means being totally illogical and hysterical.”

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